Welcome to the new watch called "Moto 360" by Motorola Company.

This is a smart watch that will change the watch industry just like the iPhone changed the phone industry. This is an in depth look at the Moto 360 and how it works. This watch is integrated with Google and uses Google search to find out anything you are looking for. Just by saying "OK Google", the watch allows it's users to ask it anything, whether it be weather or how many calories in a cheeseburger. You can even change the layout of the watch and how you want it to look. So no more getting tired of the regular old watch with the same look when the Moto 360 can alter looks.

Now this will not be a high end watch with a steep price and is affordable unlike a Rolex, for most people. These watches are part new generation of watches called "smart watches". Now the Moto 360 is not the only smart watch, there is also the iWatch that is coming out by Apple. We will see exactly how that watch fares against it's current competitors.

The iWatch By Apple.

This watch is is very innovative and has a 2.5 inch screen that come with OLED technology and equipped health monitors. However, it's battery life is only 6 days. With all kinds of new technology, even the watch industry is changing.

So the question lies, do you think that smart watches are the future of the watches??? Leave your comment below.


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